Xccessori 5-in-1 80x120cm Oval Photography or Videography Diffuser Reflector with Handle & Carrying Bag Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black Reflector

  • Easy to Use — The grip(s) on the Reflector Allowing You to Use it with Just One Hand. Provide Better Experience Than Traditional Reflector.
  • Portable — The Portable Case suitable for Travel or Storage. Suitable for Outdoor Photography Activities.
  • Durable — Multi High Quality Layer and Raised Grain Design. Which Make this Reflector Service Life Almost 80% Longer Than Normal Reflector, and Reflectivity Could be up to 99%.
  • Multi-function — 4 Color Cover and Translucent Panel Fit to Different Needs of Photography. Helping You Increase Your Photography Creation Efficiency.
  • Support Environmental Protection — Multi Layer Design Also Saving 80% pigment loss than Ordinary Reflector

The Reflector starts out as a translucent white disc — perfect for softening direct sun. Use the removable, reversible zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of subject. Collapsible Reflector features uniquely functional surfaces:

  • Silver Cover: Create catchlight and increase the exposure of the subject. Light reflected is relatively neutral and strong. 
  • White Cover: Fill light, brighten up the shadows to make it softer and natural. The reflection of the white surface is softer than the silver surface. 
  • Black Cover: Subtract light, slightly weaken the picture color saturation and make the color tone more natural. 
  • Gold Cover: Warm fill light ,give the picture a warm feel.

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