Xccessori 30cm (12 inch) 18% Digital Photo Exposure Color Balance Gray Reference Reflector Grey Card with Carry Bag

[Application]: By placing a gray card in the scene to be photographed, oriented at a defined angle relative to the direction of the incident light, and taking a reading from it with a reflected light meter, the photographer can be assured of consistent exposures.
[Usage Scenario]: This handy double sided up 18% grey/white card simplifies the complex technical issues surrounding exposure and color correction when working in different lighting conditions. It provides a major when working under pressure at events such as weddings or fashion shows.
[Two Sided Gray Panel]: The grey side works for the exposure correction and white side for white balance setting; Gray cards can be used for in-camera white balance or post-processing white balance.
[Portable & Convenient]: Collapses to just 1/3 of its full size, allowing it to fit in the carry bags and carry around easily; An essential part in digital photography process for photographers or hobbyists.
[Accurate Color Balance & Exposure]: The white balance 18% reference reflector grey card ensures that your photos and vid are accurately exposed and color balanced, and provides a standard reference object for exposure determination in photography.


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