Xccessori 2Style Casual Versatile Camera Messenger Sling Bag

  • 2Style messenger bag with a removable inner camera case.
  • Features a 2-compartment construction that allows the inner partition from the bag to be removed to convert a 2-compartment bag to a single compartment bag.
  • Front face closes and opens wide and features a dedicated camera storage opening that allows cameras and lenses to be taken out quickly and easily.
  • Dedicated camera storage opening is fitted with a fall-preventing belt to prevent the main body falling out when the bag is opened.
  • With lens cap pocket on the side.
  • Simple pocket on the back for storage of small items, such as smartphones and notepads, etc.
  • Inner camera case includes a partition panel that can be adjusted to suit the size of the camera or lens.
  • The entire surface of the fabric is treated with a water-repellent finish.* Does not completely prevent water infiltrating.
  • Can store tablets up to 10.1 inches in size.
  • Small items, such as a wallet or plastic bottle, can be stored in the upper storage space.
  • Strap features a buckle for easy removal.
  • Features a double handle for convenient carrying.

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