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K&F Concept Nano XV56 ND2-400 ultra-thin adjustable HD waterproof scratch-resistant anti-reflection green film filter

  1.  Both sides of the lens adopt grinding and polishing technology to ensure ultra-high definition, so that the light penetrability trajectory is well balanced, and the sharpness of the image quality is guaranteed.
  2. The lens material is top Japanese optical glass with double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating, which can effectively reduce the reflected light on the surface of the filter. Thereby, the glare caused by the reflection of the external line of the long exposure lens is greatly reduced, and the first-class image quality is ensured.
  3. The lens adopts multi-layer waterproof & oil-proof coating on both sides. If water is accidentally splashed on the filter, the water droplets will still remain solidified and will not disperse, which is easy to carry and clean, and it will prevent it from being stored for a long time. The role of fog.
  4. Multi-layer anti-scratch coating is used on both sides of the lens to effectively prevent the risk of scratches on the surface of the lens;
  5. The frame is equipped with a push rod, which is convenient for customers to adjust the size of the gear; for users who are shooting videos, it is helpful to automatically adjust the dimming gear through auxiliary tools;
  6. The outer frame of the product is engraved with different scale values ​​from ND2 to ND400, which is convenient for consumers to record the shooting position. It can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the dimming gear and used in multiple scenes (the product will produce a black cross phenomenon. Please explain if it occurs. The black cross appears depending on the lens type and focal length you use, but as you continue to rotate, the shadow will disappear naturally. This phenomenon is not a quality problem, but a natural physical phenomenon caused by the rotation of the adjustable ND lens.)
  7. The product is equipped with a storage bag, which is convenient for customers to store when going out for shooting. The side-pull structure follows the design style of the square piece storage bag and is easy to take out;
  8. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the frame has an ultra-wide-angle structure design, which makes the frame thickness: 7.6mm. The design of the thin frame ensures that customers will not have vignetting when using the 16mm wide-angle end; (Vignette and black cross are Different phenomena)
  9. The surface of the mirror frame is designed with CNC trapezoidal patterns to ensure that consumers increase friction in a large area when rotating, and install/remove the lens and other accessories anytime and anywhere.
  10. Oxidation and sandblasting treatment on the surface can effectively avoid stray light from entering, and is used to slow down the useless reflection of non-metallic surfaces.


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