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K&F Concept Nano-X Magnetic 1/4 Black Mist Diffusion Soft Green Coated Filter

  1. Quick installation and removal, magnetic filter can be installed in one second
  2. 1/4 of the black soft filter can soften the wrinkles, spots, pores, etc. of the human skin, and the more delicate, plump, beautiful and hazy movie effects can be better realized. Able to achieve high definition within 550mm focal length;
  3. The top optical glass, the front and back of the lens adopts double-sided multilayer antireflection coating, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the filter surface and avoid problems such as ghosting. The standard transmittance rate of 1/4 black soft is 87%.
  4. After the glass is optically polished, a high-tech film is plated on the surface. Moldproof, Waterproof, Anti-scratch and Anti-greasy. While having the characteristics of hard scratching, it will not have any impact on the image quality, even if it is contaminated with water droplets or oil, it can be easily removed;
  5. Equipped with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material magnetic lens cover, both magnetic and threaded, can be installed on the lens, two-in-one function


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