K&F Concept Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 Special Effects Soft Filter Multi-Coated Waterproof/Scratch Resistant

  • 【Creates a soft light pastel effect】Effect Softens Skin and Blemishes,create a Dream-like atmosphere.
  • 【High-end optical glass】Multi-coating reduces reflection, reduce glare and waterproof,standard transmittance 84% with black Pro-Mist 1/4 Filter.
  • 【Quality】 The glass is optically ground and then coated with a highly crafted film layer on the surface. Anti-mold, Waterproof, Anti-scratch, Anti-oil. Having hard-scratch characteristics without any impact on the quality of imaging and easily removed even if stained with water droplets or oil stains. In the original material of optical glass, precision grinding double-sided polishing, to ensure the stability of the molecular structure, in the telephoto lens will not affect the sharpness, to ensure high-definition imaging
  • 【Ultra-Slim frame】Adopt aviation aluminum alloy frame, only 3.3mm, ultra slim rim design preventing wide angle and telephoto vignetting
  • 【Easy to operate】 CNC trapezoidal design pattern on the surface of the frame to ensure a large area of increased friction when the consumer is rotating, ready to install/remove the lens and other accessories


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