K&F Concept 100mm Square Filter Aluminum Holder with 8pcs Adapter Rings (v2)

  • The 100mm filter holder is made of aviation aluminum through CNC integrated processing, and the surface is oxidized by black matte; All nut parts of the bracket are made of copper and plated with black nickel, which is more durable and reduces the effect of stray light on imaging.
  • Equipped with 8 adapter rings: 49/52/58/62/67/72/77/82 MM , perfect match your lens.
  • The connection between the 100mm all-aluminum bracket and the camera lens is front, the overall structure is arc-shaped, and the protruding parts on both sides are clips. At the top of the bracket is a button and a slider to fix the slider.
  • The 100mm all-aluminum bracket has a weight of about 77g and a frame thickness of about 9mm. It is suitable for wide-angle lenses with a focal length greater than 18mm.

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