Falcam Maglink Quick Magnetic Buckle Release Shoulder Strap Pro 3145

  • New Magnetic Quick Buckle Design: The quick buckle has a built-in magnet and detaches the camera without storing the shoulder strap
  • Great Load-Bearing Strength: Buckles hold up to 132 lbs (60 kg). Works with heaviest of pro cameras or binoculars.
  • Anti-Mistouch Quick Buckle: The tail buckle adopts patented anti-mistouch design and it cannot be unloaded unless the tail buckle is pulled artificially
  • Scratch-Resistant for Camera: The female buckle is made of ABS+PC mixed plastic material.
  • Freely Quick Adjustment Experience: Huge range of length adjustments, made possible by 2 quick-pull adjusters
  • Better Comfy: Soft and compact PA66 wrap SBR soft cotton elastic, which is skin-friendly, and comfortable without tightness, effectively reducing long-term single shoulder hanging pressure.
  • 3 Straps in 1: Our unique Maglink Quick Buckle Connection System lets you instantly reconfigure Maglink as sling, neck, or shoulder strap.

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