SKU: 2567-2568-2822


Falcam F22 Quick Release Suction Cup Mount 2567 2568 2822

F22 Quick Release and traditional interfaces

  • Speed up and expand overall. With F22 Quick Release mount on the top, it allows quick installation and removal, speeding up every equipment switching. 
  • And equipped with 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes to connect F22 cold shoe adapter, monitor mount, dual pan head or users' pan head, it can expand devices as fill-in lights, microphones, GoPro and mirrorless cameras.

Vacuum suction cup

  • Shooting easily and stably even at high speed. 
  • Vertical suction capacity: up to 2822(20kg) or 2567(40kg) or 2568(80kg)
  • Horizontal suction capacity: up to 2822(30kg) or 2567(60kg) or 2568(120kg)
  • Suggested load limit: 2822(1kg) or  2567(3kg) or 2568(5kg)
  • Weight: 2822(155.5g) or 2567(325.5g)  or 2568(411.5g)

Multi-scene use available

  • Apply to both smooth and curved surfaces, and can be stuck upside down and sideways.
  • Apply to smooth surfaces like glass, walls and tables,also apply to curved car bodies.
  • Available to stick it right, upside down or sideways, matching your every shooting angle and space.


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