Aputure Light Dome III Circular Bowens Mount Quick-Folding Softbox

  • 3ft (90cm) foldable quick-setup circular Bowens Mount softbox
  • Quick-folding design saves time during setup
  • Foldable speed ring packs flat to save space
  • 32-sided circular design for perfect, round eyelights
  • Universal Bowens Accessory mount: Compatible with Aputure Light Storm series, amaran 150c & 300c
  • Create flattering soft light with 2 front diffusion cloth options (1 Stop & 2 Stop)
  • Create contrast with the included 40° light control grid
  • Heavy-duty construction: steel rods for increased durability and longevity
  • Includes: 1x Light Dome III, 1x 1 Stop Diffusion Cloth, 1x 2 Stop Diffusion Cloth, 1x 40° Fabric Light Control Grid, 1x Carrying Bag


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