Aputure Light Dome 150 (150cm) Supersized Softbox

This 32-sided Light Dome 150 Softbox from Aputure measures 5' and is a great choice for portraits, head shots, interviews, fashion, and more. This is a really big light source with true wraparound quality that becomes more pronounced as you bring it closer to your subject. The softbox ships with 1.5- and 2.5-stop diffusers as well as a removable inner diffuser to thwart the hot spot.

There are numerous ways to personalize your light's output. For the softest light use the two front diffusers and the internal one. Want a little more snap? Take one of the front diffusers off. Still not crisp enough? Take both diffusers off. Use any combination of the diffusers until the light is right for you. The Light Dome's 31.5" depth allows for a sharp falloff that will give you the directional control necessary for selective lighting when used with the included fabric grid. Natural-looking catchlights will be reflected in your subject's eyes and the Bowens-type speed ring included will also fit lights from the many other manufacturers who use this popular mount.


  • Diffusion Densities: 1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop
  • Light Control Grid: Beam Angle: 45°
  • Speed Ring Adapter: Standard Bowens Mount


  • Softbox Unfolded: Φ1500mmx800mm (Φ59.06"x31.5")
  • Outside Diffuser 1 (1.5 Stop): Φ1420mm(Φ55.91")
  • Outside Diffuser 2 (2.5 Stop): Φ1420mm(Φ55.91")
  • Light Control Grid: Φ1420mm(Φ55.91")


  • Net Weight: 3.32kg (7.32 Lbs)


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