Aputure Light Box 4545 (45x45cm) Bowens Mount Square Softbox

The Light Box 45×45 is a compact Bowens Mount Square Softbox. Designed with creators, photographers, and filmmakers in mind, the soft light box transforms hard point-source LEDs like the amaran COB 60 series into lightweight soft lights for all forms of content creation, from portraiture to product photography.

Measuring 45×45 (~18x18in) with a depth of only 30cm (12in), this new Light Box is Aputure’s most compact and portable Bowens Mount softbox to date. Its square diffusion area is greater than 1×1 LED panels, resulting in a softer light that works perfectly in any 3-point lighting setup for on-the-go content creation, livestreaming, and photography.

Weighing only 0.68kg (1.5lbs), the Light Box 45×45 is perfect for run-and-gun content creation, shooting in tight spaces, or as an LED photography softbox. For a quick and easy set up, simply pull the soft box out of its included flat-pack carrying bag, connect the 4 rods, and you’re ready to light.


  • Softbox Dimensions (Built): 45x45x30cm 17.7×17.7×11.8in
  • Softbox Dimensions (Collapsed): 48x26x5cm 18.9×10.2x2in
  • Front Diffusion (1.5 Stops): 42x42cm / 16.5×16.5in
  • Front Diffusion (2.5 Stops): 42cmx42cm / 16.5×16.5in
  • Light Control Grid (Beam Angle): 45º
  • Light Control Grid (Dimensions): 42x42cm / 16.5×16.5in
  • Speed Ring Adapter: Bowens Mount
  • Total Weight: 0.68kg / 1.5lbs


  1. Light Box 45×45 Softbox
  2. Fabric Light Control Grid (45º)
  3. Front Diffusion 1 (1.5 Stop)
  4. Front Diffusion 2 (2.5 Stop)
  5. Bowens Mount Speed Ring Adapter
  6. Carrying Bag


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