Aputure Lantern 90 (90cm) Omnidirectional Soft Light Modifier

Made for use with LED or strobe fixtures, the Lantern 90 from Aputure casts a near 360° soft light that spreads evenly over a large area. You can mount it horizontally or hang it overhead on a boom to raise the ambient light level, open up shadows, and let more focused fixtures work their magic.

To add versatility to the lantern, Aputure includes a skirt to control the light. Using the skirt on all four sides limits the beam to a pool of soft light, while covering one side directs the light or creates a light-to-dark ratio to add dimension. The Lantern 90 has a Bowens speed ring for Aputure lights, but it can also be used on lights made by the many other manufacturers that employ this popular mount.

Main Features

  1. Universal Bowens mount.
  2. Flexible fabric 4-leaf barn doors.
  3. 1 stop fabric diffusion.
  4. Omnidirectional Soft Light output.

Package includes

  1. Lantern spring Cage x1
  2. Diffusion x1
  3. Fabrick barn doors x1
  4. Carriage Bag x1
Box Dimension: 185x185x835mm
Weight: 1.3kg/2.8lbs


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